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Worship Perceptions By Church Size

Size does matter when it comes to worship styles and perceptions of guests. The following is a summary of a recent study conducted by Faith Perceptions of 4,288 mystery guests at various sized churches. Poor perceptions are indicated in red, while very good perceptions are green.

faith perceptions

Churches that had 0-80 in attendance rated highest on greeting upon arrival, pre-service atmosphere, post-service atmosphere, and friendliness. Small churches (81-150) rated highest on in-service greeting. Medium churches (151-300) rated highest on signage. Extra-large churches (501-1000) rated highest on children and youth. Mega churches rated highest on seating, community awareness, seating, music, the message, speaker, information, children and youth, return, and overall experience.

All churches rated “very poor” on diversity and outreach, and community service was “very poor” on average.

What surprises you about this research? What does this challenge churches to do differently?

Can God Have Anything to do With Me?

God wants EVERYTHING to do with us! My heart goes out to this girl because there is no sin that God cannot forgive. John 1:7 says, “and the blood of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from all sin.” Not some sins, but all sin! This is the Good News that we cannot help but share with others. We will fail, and fail often, but God will continue to cleanse us. This is His free gift to us!


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22 Important Life Skills You Learned As A Vacation Bible School Kid

Thanks to Buzzfeed for this:

1. Got a question about Jesus? You know more about his life than your own.

2. You know exactly when to scream TOUCHDOWN during “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline.

22 Important Life Skills You Learned As A Vacation Bible School Kid

3. The “Pharaoh Pharaoh” dance is one of your many talents.


4. You’re able to make a pre-32 AD costume out of anything.


6. Because of Vacation Bible School, you are the master of themed parties.

7. You know all the clever Jesus phrases out there.

Read the rest of the 22 Important Life Skills at BuzzFeed.

Blessing Your Neighborhood

Below is a video posted by Alex Absalom on how one couple is sharing Jesus with children in their neighborhood.

How can you do the same in your neighborhood?


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The 7 Most Awkward Things That Happen To Me At My Church

Thanks to Buzz Feed for this post.

1. I try to hide my fatigue by resting my head on my hands, fall asleep, and then wake up suddenly and startle myself.

2. I get caught up singing and break into the chorus too early.

3. I try to unwrap a cough drop and suddenly the entire place falls silent except for my incredibly loud wrapper.

4. I forget an acquaintance’s name and then covertly look him up on Facebook.


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