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Make the First Move

Dr. Stan Granberg, director of Kairos church planting, wrote a blog article called, “10 Facts About Faith Conversations“. The article states that most unbelievers are willing to attend worship if a friend, family member or neighbor invited them.  Stan also mentioned a statistic from my research: 84% of former unbelievers said the faith conversation was initiated first by someone else, not them.

This puts the burden on us, as followers of Jesus, to initiate conversations about Jesus. How many of us are afraid to engage in spiritual discussions with unbelievers for one reason or another? The reasons may be varied–fear of judgment, fear of unknown responses, potential loss of friendships,  lack of confidence, or our own biases. Whatever the reasons, we often talk ourselves out of making the first move.

Jesus was not afraid to initiate discussions with unbelievers. For example, when Jesus saw a foreign woman drawing water from a well he said, “Will you give me a drink?” (John 4:7). This led to a spiritual discussion between Jesus and the woman. When she went home, she told her people the good news, which caused many of them to believe in Jesus! (John 4:41)

All of this began with Jesus asking a woman for some water. Perhaps it is time for us to follow the example of Jesus and make the first move.

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