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Easter Compels Us

Barna research has revealed that Easter and Christmas are the highest attended Sundays each year. These are also the times when the unchurched typically attend. “More often than not, this is the result of one of two motivations: the compelling invitation of a close friend who accompanies them to the service, or a personal crisis that compels them to seek God more fervently”, said George Barna.1

Since the unchurched typically attend church services after they have been personally invited by a Christian friend, Jesus followers are compelled to take the initiative. However, according to new research by Barna, only 31% of regular church attenders said they were willing to invite someone to Easter Sunday.2

This prompts me to ask, “Why are most regular church attenders not willing to invite others, especially on one of the highest attended Sundays of the year?” Are Christians afraid of rejection? Are we afraid that an invitation would reveal too much about ourselves? Are we embarrassed of our churches? Do we misunderstand our mission?

There may be some truth in all of these possibilities.

Another interesting revelation of the research that stirs confusion into the mix is that women, families with young children, and non-whites were more willing to invite people on Easter Sunday. So, for followers of Jesus who are men, who are single or have older children, and for those who are white, the challenge to invite the unchurched is even more pronounced.

The bottom line is that all Jesus followers have the opportunity to invite their friends on Easter Sunday to hear the greatest story ever told: Jesus died, but he rose again so that we might live eternally with him in heaven.

Is this news you want to keep to yourself?

1 Barna Update, March 20, 2006

2 Barna Update, March 15, 2010

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