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Is Church Boring?

Have you ever been to a church like this? I know I have! In fact, my home church was very similar to this little country church.

Too often, church is boring for unbelievers. And it can even be mind-numbingly dull for those who attend worship services on a regular basis. I mean, if people are falling asleep or find themselves thinking about sports, lunch, or finances, something is not right.

Sure, some churches need to completely revamp their worship. After all, some of our churches are still stuck in the 1950’s. But, we must personally shoulder some of the responsibility for an inspiring worship experience.

How do we do this? It all begins before the Sunday morning assembly. Romans 12:1 talks about our entire lives offered as living sacrifices. This does not mean we walk around shouting random “hallelujahs” or giving personal testimonies to the bank teller. It is a continuous, 24/7 attitude of thanksgiving and praise. When we are living sacrifices, our worship is not confined to Sunday mornings. It is a lifestyle. If Jesus is manifested in our lives throughout the week, we will come to the corporate assembly spiritually full and primed to encounter God.

But what if church is still boring?

Another part of the answer has to do with what we do once we are in the assembly. This is the time for us to act as participants, not as spectators. It is easy to become distracted or sidetracked by a crying baby, an especially long sermon, or our own thoughts. Actively participating in worship means placing God first. It is recognizing that we are in the assembly for the purpose of praising God and communing with his very essence. It is a time of focused, underlined worship. If we participate fully in worship, the lackluster sermon or song selections will not matter, because we will be totally engaged and consumed with God.

If church is boring, everyone who is in the assembly is responsible. We should strive for excellence in all things—especially when it involves God.

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