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Who is More Popular Than Facebook or Twitter?

Jesus is more popular than Facebook or Twitter! The Barna group revealed that 67 percent of Americans claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus, which is higher than the percentage that have Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The percentage of those who claim to have a connection with Jesus also varies according to gender, political leaning, and age.

Women (72%) were more likely than men (62%) to have a connection with Jesus.

Seventy-two percent of people who are politically conservative indicated they have a personal relationship with Jesus, while only 48 percent of those who consider themselves to be politically liberal claim to have that connection.

Moreover, the percentage of people who claim to have a bond with Jesus rises in direct proportion to their age. Seventy-two percent of Americans who are age 65 or older indicate that they have a personal relationship with Jesus. The percentage among Baby Busters (age 25 to 45) who have a bond with Jesus is 65%; and among Mosaics (age 18 to 26), it drops to 53%.1

Needless to say, a recent Harris poll revealed the percentage of those that use Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace lowers in proportion to age. For those in the 18-34 group, 74 percent use social networking. This drops to 47 percent among 35-44 year olds, and it is only 24 percent for those who are 55 and older.2

What ministry implications does this have for us?

1. We have opportunities to share Jesus with men, those who are politically liberal, and those who are young. If they are followers of Jesus, we can help disciple them to develop a closer connection with Jesus. If they are unbelievers, we have opportunities to develop relationships with them, and eventually engage in spiritual dialogue with them.

2.  We can use older people in our churches to mentor those who are younger. Their lives and their example can be the most effective disciple-making tool.

3. Older people can increase their use of social networking to minister to others.

What other ministry implications can you think of?

1 Barna Group

2 Harris Poll

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