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Top Ten Evangelism Mistakes, Number 7

Making Excuses

Not everyone can make disciples. Some people do not have the gift of evangelism; others have the wrong personality. And, of course, not everyone is a minister. Right?  If that is true, why did Jesus give the Great Commission given to everyone? Why did Peter say that all Jesus followers are part of the “royal priesthood”? (1 Peter 2:5;9.)


Anyone can make disciples! It is not easy to share the gospel message with others, but that does not excuse us from the mission that Jesus assigned to us. Moses tried excusing himself from doing God’s work, but God did not listen to Moses’ pleading. God specifically chose Moses to free the Israelites because he was the right person for the job.

Perhaps we sometimes feel like Moses and say, “What if they don’t listen to me” or “Send someone else.” But God trusts us. He commissioned us to make disciples because he knew we could handle it! When we make excuses we actually minimize the power and love of God. We allow our doubts to rule our thinking. We might as well say, “I know better than God”.

God loves us, and will help us make disciples. With God on our side, what can go wrong? We can do everything through him who gives us strength (Phil. 4:13). And, if we do not know what to say to an unbeliever, Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit will teach us what we should say (Luke 12:12).


What excuses do you give for not making disciples? What can you do about that?

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