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Top 10 Evangelism Mistakes, Number 6

Overlooking Evangelism Opportunities

Chances are, we miss seeing obvious things every day. For example, how many people do we encounter on a daily basis? Have we ever stopped to consider if they know Jesus?

As Jesus traveled, he came into contact with many different kinds of people: tax collectors, prostitutes, and people who were sick and the blind—and interacted with all of them. He especially sought people who had spiritual needs. Jesus said, It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick (Matt 9:12).

Think about the kinds of people we come into contact with—check-out clerks, servers at restaurants, the gas station attendant, and other parents at our children’s schools. What are their spiritual needs, and how can we lead them to the One who hurts with the hurting, heals the wounded and gives hope to the hopeless? This does not mean trying to convert them on the spot. Leading others requires that we are first in relationship with them, and it takes time.

There are people all around us who need Jesus. As my research has revealed, the majority of people come to Jesus through family members. Undoubtedly, there is someone right in front of our nose who does not know the joy of being in relationship with the Great Physician.

We need to open our eyes and not miss the “dancing bears” all around us!

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