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Top 10 Evangelism Mistakes, Number 2

Not taking personal responsibility

A few years ago, our church began taking the Great Commission seriously. We decided to recalibrate our church to emphasize the task of disciple making. We transformed our worship, we began serving in the community, we added outreach ministries, and we even started offering bi-lingual services to reach our Spanish-speaking neighbors. However, not much changed. We were still not making many disciples.

This bothered me—a lot. In an effort to understand what else our church could be doing, I studied church growth methods and visited growing churches. However, something was missing. After much prayer and soul-searching, a revelation occurred to me: the church—as an institution—is not responsible for saving others. I am! As a follower of Jesus, it is my responsibility to seek and save others!

The Great Commission is given to every Jesus follower. It is not the job of corporate ministers of ministers. Jesus has given us—as individual followers of Jesus—the incredible task of making disciples

This awakening stirred within me a renewed calling to make disciples. My job is now to work on myself—to learn how to grow spiritually and become transformed into the image of Jesus (2 Cor. 3:18).

If I become like Christ in every way, I will be changed from the inside out. My actions will be an expression of my Christlikeness. When I develop relationships with unbelievers they will not see my imperfections and flaws; they will see a reflection of Jesus. When that happens, others will be drawn to Jesus and will bask in his sweet embrace!

We simply cannot wait for our churches or ministers to reach unbelievers. It is our responsibility to share our lives with others. The church can help to equip individuals for the process of making disciples by teaching us how to develop relationships with unbelievers, engage them in spiritual conversation, and ultimately lead them to Jesus. But making disciples begins with you and me. It is an intentional, driving desire to become like Jesus in every way.

What can you do to become more like Jesus?

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