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What’s Wrong With Witnessing

Joe Carter, in an article entitled, Evangelicalism’s Fads and Fixtures, outlines ten things that are harmful to evangelism. They are:

#1 Making Converts
#2 The Sinner’s Prayer
#3 “Do you know Jesus as . . . “
#4 Tribulationism
#5 Testimonies
#6 The Altar Call
#7 Witnessing
#8 Protestant Prayers
#9 The Church Growth Movement
#10 Chick Tracts

Excellent points, especially number seven. Carter says,

Evangelism isn’t Amway. It is not a form of Multi-Level Marketing in which you get extra credit for the number of people in your network and you don’t get a great commission for the Great Commission. If you want to sell something door-to-door, make it the good products of Avon, not the good news of Jesus. If you want to be a more effective “witness for Christ” why not start by actively loving our neighbors? Start by loving the unlovable—the smelly, unbathed men down at the mission, the annoying kids at church, the inconsiderate jerk who cuts you off in traffic. Yes, you need to tell people about the Gospel. But that is evangelism, not “witnessing.” In the context of the Christian life, witness should be a noun more often than a verb.

Good advice. Making disciples begins with loving people. Unbelievers need to know that we have their best interests at heart—regardless of the potential outcome. When we love people unconditionally, our actions reflect the person and character of Jesus!


How can you improve your witness for Christ?

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