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Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

Sun Stand Still

Sun Stand Still, by Steven Furtick, is a refreshing and courageous view on the power of prayer. Furtick reminds us of Joshua’s bold prayer to God in Joshua 10:12, “O sun, stand still over Gibeon”, and God’s willingness to answer his prayer. Furtick says God is “ready to act if we will be bold enough to ask, not just for a good day or a better life, but for the impossible.”

Furtick sprinkles his book with examples of faithful prayers in his own life. He transparently revealed how God was always with him, even through times of despair, and challenges us to remain hopeful. “The glory of God often shines the brightest when the sun goes down…and we keep our eyes on Jesus anyway”, Furtick says.

Joshua’s faithfulness is a model for all followers of Jesus. Instead of begging God to “be with us” or adding the tagline, “if it be your will”, we need to recognize God’s power by being more audacious in our prayers. We need to believe that God cares for us and loves us enough to listen and act on prayers offered in faithfulness. I highly recommend Sun Stand Still to recharge and invigorate your prayer life!

How can you develop “Sun Stand Still” prayers in your life?

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