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What Millennials Want in Leaders

Thom Rainer of Lifeway recently conducted a study of Millennials in the United States. The study revealed some interesting results about what motivates and influences Millennials. Dr. Rainer outlined four leadership qualities that affect Millennials.

1. Mentoring. Dr. Rainer said, “This generation has great respect for those older than they are. Most of them have good relationships with their parents.” As a result, Millennials are open and even seeking people older than them to mentor and guide them.

2. Gentle spirit. Millennials are not attracted to people who are negative and divisive. They are influenced much more by leaders who are accepting, open, and willing to negotiate with others in a composed manner.

3. Transparency and authenticity. Millennials are repulsed by people who are disingenuous; they respond best to leaders who are authentic. If we want to successfully influence Millennials with our leadership, we need to be real and willing to be transparent.

4. Integrity. Millennials will not follow someone whose behavior is incongruous with what he/she preaches. They learn by example. That challenges us to have integrity—to say what we mean and to be honest.
In your experience, what other qualities influence Millennials?

Are these traits characteristic of your leadership style? If not, what can you change?

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