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Tron: Legacy Review

Tron: Legacy is a film that is visually stunning and appealing. But beneath the digital landscape is a story that has much to teach about transformation, sacrifice and love.

The story begins in 1989, when Kevin Flynn, CEO of Encom, suddenly disappears. Then the film flashes forward twenty years. Kevin Flynn’s son Sam has inherited the company and is its largest shareholder, but has no desire to run the company. Alan Bradley, consultant at Encom, informs Sam that he has received a page from Kevin’s old office. Sam investigates, and quickly finds himself in the Grid, or the computer program developed by his father. There, he is greeted by someone who looks like the 1989 version of his father, but he is really Clu, a program created by Kevin. Sam eventually meets his real father, who has been stuck inside the Grid. Sam also meets Quorra, his father’s assistant and “mentee”. The three of them decide to join forces and return to the real world. The rest of the film is their attempt to defeat Clu and escape from the Grid.

It could be argued that Tron: Legacy is a Christian allegory between good and evil. Kevin is known in the Grid as “the creator” (God), Clu turns on his creator and wants to dominate the universe (Satan), and Sam, as Kevin’s son (Jesus), comes to defeat evil and bring hope to the Grid. But the film is also a well-crafted education plot that describes the transformation of Sam.

Sam is eight years old when his father is trapped inside the Grid. He blames his father for abandoning him and grows into a bitter, directionless, and reckless young man. Sam’s experiences in the Grid change him. He realizes that his father did not intentionally leave him, but was unable to return home. Quorra, as a program with the ability to learn and adapt to her environment, shows Sam that he also has the ability to change. As Sam watches his father take action against Clu, he learns the significance of personal sacrifice. Further, after many years of basing his actions on faulty perceptions, Sam’s relationship with his father catapults him into taking a new direction with his life.

[spoiler alert] Although Kevin dies in the end, Sam takes part of his father with him (through his experiences and his father’s memory disc). When he reenters the real world, he is transformed into a more mature person who altruistically decides to lead Encom.

We can apply the message of Tron: Legacy to our lives. Instead of living a life of regret and bitterness, we can change when we personally come to know our Father. He teaches us how to forgive ourselves and others, and what it means to live sacrificially for others.
What other lessons can you learn from Tron: Legacy?

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