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Why Do People Follow?

Dan Rockwell posted a blog article asking this question. He outlined three possible reasons:

1. You have direction.
2. You have ability.
3. You are trustworthy.

All good reasons to follow someone. This leads to many questions about leadership. For example, is leadership innate or learned? Is it based on the traits of the leader or the traits of the follower?

I am convinced that effective leadership and the influence we have on others go hand in hand. We cannot lead others without influencing them and vice versa. Isn’t it easier to follow someone who has influenced you in profound ways?

If we want to lead others, we must completely know and understand where we are going. Jesus clearly had a direction for his life. In Luke 19:10 Jesus said, “the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Of course, Jesus was also trustworthy and he certainly had abilities.

People did not follow Jesus because of some office he held, but because of his character and the passionate manner in which he lived. Even without knowing him personally, we are still influenced today by his nature, his teachings, and his love.
Considering the character of Jesus, what traits can you develop to better lead others?

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