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Every Life Has a Story

This is a video produced by Chick-fil-A, a Christian-based company. It teaches us many things–everyone has some kind of difficulty, don’t judge too quickly, look for ways to serve others, and the importance of relationships.

Jesus knew that every person had a story. He intentionally sought out people who were emotionally hurting and embraced them with his love. Jesus openly talked with women who were known to be prostitutes, and he often shared meals with tax collectors. For example, in John 4, we read that Jesus initiated conversation with a woman who was regarded as unholy because of her heritage and her lifestyle. As a result of Jesus taking an interest in her story, this woman’s life was transformed, along with the lives of many in her home town.

We will never know what stories people have until we engage in conversation with them. Doing so may be risky in some aspects, but it may also be a blessing for them–and for us.

Look for someone you can bless today by listening to his or her story.

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