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Why Men Hate Going to Church

Fact: In the U.S., 61 percent of church attendees are women; 39 percent are men.

Fact: Twenty-five percent of married women attend church services without their husbands.

Fact: Over 90 percent of men believe in God, but only one out of six attend church services.

Why is there a shortage of men in our church services, even men who believe in God? According to David Murrow, author of, Why Men Hate Going to Church, men give several reasons why they don’t go to church: 

  • Church is boring.
  • Church is too feminine.
  • Church is too long.
  • Church is not relevant.

A few years ago, Promise Keepers conducted a study which revealed that, when a child is the first one in the family to be committed to a church, 3 ½ percent of his family follows; when a woman commits herself to a church, 17 percent of families follow; but, when a man (dad) leads the way, 93 percent of families follow!

Further, a study from Hartford Seminary revealed that there is a direct correlation between men who are actively involved in a church and the positive health and growth of that church.

In our evangelism efforts it is crucial that we specifically reach out to men. It is also vital that we take a serious look at our churches and remove anything feminine that would deter men from coming and getting involved. For example, remove feminine décor, such as flowers, lace, and pastels, and replace it with more neutral décor. In worship, we need to focus on being concise by beginning and ending on time.

Let’s not give men more excuses for not getting involved in a church. It is good for them, their families, and the church.

What is your church doing to reach out to men?

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