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AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church

In The Gathered and Scattered Church, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay continue where The Tangible Kingdom left off. They tell the story of how they began their church plant, Adullam, in Denver, as a church intent upon balancing gathering people and missionally scattering them as incarnational communities. Hence the definition of AND—people who gather together as a church while also scattering to engage with their own communities. Instead of beginning with the traditional model of a church that reaches out to culture, the AND church begins with the culture, which develops into communities and ultimately forms a church. Thus, outreach is not limited to a program of the church, but is embedded into its very DNA. However,  this is not easy. Halter and Smay warn that if you are part of a church that intentionally gathers AND scatters , “You have to exchange your ambitions for God’s; your kingdom for his, and you must be available for God to interrupt your nicely scheduled day with needs that will pull your hair out.” Strong admonition. But then again, so are Jesus’ words in the Great Commission.

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