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Everyone is a Disciple

I agree with Hirsch’s assertion that “Everyone’s a disciple.” This is the very core of living as a follower of Jesus. The word for disciple means to become like a master in every way. (Please see this related post for further discussion on the biblical usage of the word disciple.) Our goal as disciples is to become transformed into the likeness of Jesus so that we are indistinguishable from him. Therefore, we can choose to make disciples—teach others how to acquire the very nature of Jesus—or we can allow the world to disciple people into becoming consumers of a secular culture.

Unfortunately, consumerism is not only a disease of culture; it is also a virus that has infected the church. Too often, we have promoted consumerism by focusing on attracting people to churches, instead of discipling them to become more like Jesus. This has inadvertently taught others that being a disciple is less about becoming like Jesus and more about being transformed into fulfilling worldly desires. However, no one can serve two masters.

If we truly want to make disciples of Jesus, we must first work on ourselves. Being transformed into the likeness of Christ is a step-by-step process. It takes commitment, discipline, and self-sacrifice. We are ultimately called to become transformed into new creatures (2 Peter 1:4). When this happens, we will be disciples that make disciples.
What are some ways you can become more like Christ?
What steps can your church take to refrain from consumerism?

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