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We All Have a Story

Guest post from Mike Stroud at The Timothy Network:

Back in the 1820s Tennessee sent Davy Crockett and over two dozen other Tennesseans to help save Texas from an invading army. Over the past summer, Texas sent one of its citizens to Tennessee to help us in the area of spiritual warfare. His name is Randy Williams, and we were blessed to enjoy his volunteer help from mid-June through early August. Randy joined me in discipling men and did other volunteer work at Greenhouse Ministries and Community Care of Rutherford County. It was a blessing to have his partnership! In this and the next e-letter, we’d like to share his reflections and experiences with Timothy Network. ms

From Randy Williams
Dallas, Texas

We all have a story. Maybe you’ve made poor choices or have caused others emotional pain. But that’s only part of your life story. How you write the next chapter is totally up to you. You are the author of your life. What should lead you forward now is the transforming power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. I listened as Mike shared his story not only with me but with many other men last summer. It was a way to get those men to trust him and see that he has had struggles, too.

I also had the opportunity to tell my own story and how I happened to be shadowing Mike this summer. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to reveal all my stuff to strangers. But Mike’s gentle prodding and assurance caused me to begin telling others what my life had been like up to this point. The men were very receptive and made me feel welcome and valued. It was transforming power!!

Mike and I talked about the hope that is given to the men we met with over the summer. There are men with little or no voice or who feel unlovable in their churches. They’re just looking for someone to listen, someone to give them their voice, someone who will value and love them. They just want to be heard as they tell the stories of their hurts and disappointments. These hurting men need to hear our stories to see that God is transforming us into productive, believing, Spirit-led men with no fear of facing what Satan hurls at us daily. Sharing the narrative of our lives with others builds strong relational community. Share your story, the true story with others. Your experiences can impact and give others hope in Christ.

We are the salt of the earth, Mike quoted often. We are not plain men without taste. We are mighty, salty, warriors as sons of the most holy God with a thirst within us to save men’s souls and quench those fires that have hurt us and others so badly! God is our strength and courage for each day. He is enough!

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