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Seven Billion Reasons

The world’s population reaches seven billion today. That is more than double the population since 1965. It is projected that world population will continue to rise to nine billion by 2050.

Interestingly, 97 percent of the projected growth is expected to occur in developing nations like Africa, while countries such as Japan and Germany are not expected to see an increase in growth. Further, life expectancy is expected to increase worldwide from age 69 to 76 by 2050, meaning that the population of people 60 years and older will double.

What do these changes mean for our future? It is difficult to predict. War, science, medicine and politics will certainly have an impact. Natural resources will dwindle, and we will be forced to provide alternative sources of energy. We will need to aggressively address the increasing need for food, water, and health care.

Jesus followers worldwide have opportunities to be involved in these efforts. We have a God-given mandate to express love to others. We must become more actively involved in feeding the hungry, providing for the homeless, and caring for the poor. Physicians, nurses, dentists, and other professionals can volunteer their time to provide care for people in third world countries. We can train more teachers to help end illiteracy. Scientists can pool their resources to create clean water and sanitary conditions for people in need.

The list of things we can do to help others is endless. The bottom line is that we must intentionally enlarge our efforts to share the love of Jesus with others.


There are seven billion reasons why.

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