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Ways to Make Converts, Not Disciples

Thanks to Miguel from Pathways International for this tongue-in-cheek article.

#1 – “Now that you have been baptized, and while we are still in this water, let me wash my hands of you.”
#2 – “After you fill out that information card, you will probably never see me again.”
#3 – “Jesus has a wonderful plan for YOUR life that doesn’t include ME.”
#4 – “Now that you have prayed that prayer, go in peace and leave me in peace.”
#5 – “Well, lets cover these Denominational Distinctives 1st, and then we’ll get to the other stuff… eventually.”
#6 – “For now, just keep eating that Goat Chow. I’ll be back with the Sheep food later.”
#7 – “Let me introduce you to Fred, he will follow up with you.”
#8 – “Yes, of course you may keep your consolation evangelism gadget.  You earned it.”
#9 – “No, no, no – absolutely no strings attached.”
#10 – “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed”


What other ways–intentionally or unintentionally–do we make converts instead of disciples?
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