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Millennials Open to Spiritual Discussions

According to a new research study released by Lifeway Research, the majority of Americans wonder about finding more meaning in life at least monthly. Eighteen to twenty-nine year-olds were the least likely (40%) to strongly agree with the statement, “There is an ultimate purpose and plan for every person’s life”.

When asked, “How often do you wonder: ‘If I were to die today, do I know for sure that I would go to heaven?'”, 42 percent of Americans wonder about whether they will go to heaven at least once yearly. Seventeen percent of 18-29 year olds think about the afterlife on a monthly basis—a higher percentage than any other age group.

In an earlier study, an overwhelming majority of young adults (89%) said they would be willing to listen to what others said about Christianity.

What do these data mean for followers of Jesus? Scott McConnell, President of LifeWay, said, “Our previous research has shown that the unchurched are willing to discuss spiritual topics, so Christians should not shy away from sharing the purpose in life and salvation that Jesus Christ provides, but it helps us to know where they are to start that conversation.” This seems to be especially true of eighteen to twenty-nine year olds.


We must be willing to share our beliefs and the love of Jesus with others this year!

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  1. This is awesome and exciting news!

    In boldly sharing Christ, I believe a posture of humility and first listening hard to hear their context for how they see God are so important in building that relationship.

    Today, my husband’s facebook post was about church-growth strategies: “pick up your cross (an instrument of torture) and die with us” and “Jesus, stop telling people to eat you, they keep leaving…”

    I was fascinated and excited to see that ALL the comments were from outsiders who I wouldn’t even describe as “seekers.” But they felt comfortable to share some pretty bold opinions on church and Jesus.

    Like, “Jesus didn’t go to church. He spoke the gospel.”
    “Church is probably in my mind exactly opposite of how Jesus would have spread the word.”
    “As for early Christians, church was a matter of small communities of believers getting together in peoples’ houses and worshiping together.”

    I think it’s time to have some people over for wine & discussion. What do you think?

    January 5, 2012
    • Great thoughts, Genevieve!
      You (and your husband) hit the nail on the head. We need to listen more and talk less. And we need to challenge each other to take up the cross of Jesus. It sounds like you are getting unbelievers to tell their story. Keep up the good work!

      January 6, 2012

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