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Minority Report: Churches Challenged by Majority Minority

For the first time in history minorities comprise more than fifty percent of all children born in the US, according to the latest US Census study. White babies have become the minority. At the current rate it is estimated that whites will become a minority of the population by 2045. Hispanics are poised to become the new majority.

What implications will this fact have for the future of the church? Here are some very general ideas:

1. Get rid of biases. Sadly, the church is one of the most segregated places in America. Many followers of Jesus have had the reputation of being judgmental of others who did not look like them or act like them—perhaps deservedly so. We need to get over our ethnocentric pride. The apostle Paul said, “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

2. Be bi-lingual everything. If we want to make disciples of as many people as possible, we must address the language barrier. This means hiring ministers who have the ability to speak Spanish, developing Spanish teaching materials, and using Spanish in promotional materials. Instead of offering a “Spanish church”, we need to think hard about offering bi-lingual services and being unified as one body.

3. Advance strategically. If churches want to reach the largest number of people we need to reflect the changing face of our communities. One church plant intentionally moved into a racially diverse community so it could better reach a diversity of people. An aging church began noticing that its neighborhood was becoming more racially diverse and considered moving into a community that reflected the majority of its members. However, they soon realized that their location was a blessing and began sharing the Gospel with their neighbors.

What other ministry implications do you see for the changing face of America?

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