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One Woman’s Love/Hate Relationship with the Church

I just read an articulate, touching letter from a young woman who has a “love/hate” relationship with the church. Here is an excerpt:

I was recently in a church service where the message of the sermon was about the intergenerational representation of congregations, and one of the points was that previous generations need to realize that younger generations can’t be told stories the same way the previous generations were told them. The language has changed. The environment…the substrate upon which we now build has changed. Because of this, the pastor added that previous generations needed to be willing to listen to the stories and voices of the younger generations as well.

Now at some point in the midst of this great message the children in the Sunday school class had been taken outside to play in the grass with some balloons, and you could hear their laughing and shrieks of joy and surprise outside the windows of the sanctuary.  What an appropriate backdrop for such a message!

And then it happened.

An older gentleman in the congregation stood up, walked clear down the side aisle, opened the door to the church yard and told the children that they needed to quiet down because a service was taking place inside.

And in that moment something in me broke.

You can read the rest of the letter here.

Can you relate?
What can we learn from this?

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