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State Rankings by Religiosity

Gallup Poll’s latest research indicated that there are clear religious boundaries in the U.S.

Respondents were asked if religion was an important part of their daily lives and if they attended weekly religious services. The results revealed correlations between religiosity and four distinct areas: political stance, income, education, and occupation. People who show a higher level of religiosity tend to be politically conservative, poorer, less educated, and in a working class job.

Mississippi was determined to be the most religious state, while Vermont was found to be the least religious state. The highest and lowest religious states are illustrated below.


Overall, two-thirds of the U.S. is considered to be moderately or very religious. Southern states comprise the “Bible Belt”, and the northeast and northwest U.S. are considered the least religious.


Source: Gallup

Interactive map

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  1. No real surprise here. I live in NJ but have also seen many miracles in central Jersey as a church planter. Our church started as a “parachute drop” in Union County right smack in the NYC metropolitan area. And we’re starting a new church plant in Middlesex County. As an aside, I met Ryan at the Sifted conference in Orlando this year. I guess the myth about Christianity is that no one wants to hear about it. Jesus said the field is ripe for the harvest but there aren’t enough workers. But I’ve seen God work incredible miracles since the day I sat down with 3 other people at a dining room table in January of 2008 to start a church which now averages about 150 a week in an area that is supposed to be “bad” for a church plant. Hoping to contribute to NJ being dark green with Christ followers one day.

    August 20, 2012
    • God is using you powerfully in NJ, Greg! Thank you for your sincerity, humility, and obedience to the call. May God continue to bless your work in the kingdom!

      August 27, 2012

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