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Teen Views on Jesus

Mike Nappa recently conducted a survey of religious beliefs among Christian teens. The results are revealed in his book, The Jesus Survey.

Nappa asked the teens if Jesus was God. As the graphic below illustrates, 34% of teens agreed that Jesus is God, 25% said he might be God, 30% don’t know, and 11% said that Jesus is not God.

Interestingly, there was a difference between denominations. Fifty-five percent of non-denominational teens professed a strong belief that Jesus was God, followed by Presbyterians (34%) and Baptists (31%).

Nappa also asked teens if Jesus sinned. 65 percent agreed that Jesus never sinned and only 11 percent disagreed. However, when Nappa changed the question and asked teens if Jesus may have sinned, 39 percent said they agreed to some extent.

The variance in the results may be attributed to how certain questions were worded in the survey. Nappa could have been more precise in his statements.

This survey demands some answers:

  1. Why do 11% of professing Christian teens not believe that Jesus is God? Why do these teens identify themselves as Christians if they do not believe in the central belief of Christianity?
  2. Why do 39% of teens think that Jesus may have sinned? If he sinned, doesn’t that mean that Christ was not our perfect sacrifice?

Clearly we have our work cut out for us.

What can we do to improve the beliefs of teens?

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