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The 15 Lessons the Church Has Taught Me

In my spirituality class at Warner Pacific College this week my students presented their spiritual journeys in life. One student, Kristina Martin, discussed the 15 lessons the church had taught her. As a result of her experiences, Kristina is no longer part of an organized faith community. With Kristina’s permission and without any editing I have written her list below.

15. The church measures growth by quantity, not quality. 

14. Put on a happy face. 

13. Only the next generation matters. 

12. Good Christians don’t dance, drink, swear, watch R-rated movies, or listen to “secular” music. 

11. God and all good Christians are Republicans.

10. Whatever you’re going through can be resolved with the Bible by using 3, 4, 5, or 7 easy steps. 

9. Christian clichés make everything better. 

8. Performance is more important than content. 

7. Homosexuality is tantamount to pure evil. 

6. NEVER question or disagree with the pastor. 

5. The pastor is blameless. 

4. The only thing we have to fear is the pastor. 

3. Aside from the obligatory “meet your neighbor” time, the church will NOT make you feel welcome. 

2. Issues are more important than people. 

1. God may accept you as you are, BUT NOT THE CHURCH.


Which of these reflect your experiences?

Which of these lessons have you promoted yourself?


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