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Natural Ways to Bless Your Neighborhood (with free resource)

As I’ve said many times, evangelism is a process, not an event. It all begins with evangelism and sharing the love of Jesus with others. Nathan Crietz recently posted 52 Natural Ideas To Kickstart A Disciple-Making Relationship. The first 17 are listed below.

As You Go

  • Make eye contact, smile, and initiate conversations
  • Remember people’s names
  • Ask people if you can pray for them
  • Join an athletic club
  • Join a sports league
  • Join a book discussion group (or create one)
  • Meetup with people who have similar interests or hobbies as you (sewing circle, SciFi convention, etc.)
  • Participate in a workshop, seminar, or course that is of help or of interest
  • Volunteer for a cause you care about
  • Use the laundromat at the same time every week
  • Frequent the same gas station and pay inside
  • Avoid ATM’s and self checkout lanes at the grocery store when a person is available
  • Become a regular at local restaurants, shops and cafes.
  • Tutor at the local school
  • Teach a seminar or class at the library or university
  • Find a coworking spot for mobile office work
  • Help your neighbor shovel his driveway or sidewalk

You can read the rest of this article at his blog.

30 Ways to Bless Your Workplace is another article with lots of ideas.

Finally, if you have not read it yet, Simple Ways to Be Missional is an excellent free book in pdf form.

What other ways can you bless your neighborhood?

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