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A Hero at the Clackamas Shooting


The shooting at the Clackamas Mall yesterday rocked our world here outside Portland, Oregon. It was a tragedy that ended in three people dead, including the gunman. Several others were injured. Jacob Tyler Roberts, the shooter, acted alone in the shootings and didn’t know his victims.

Jocelyn Lay was at a cosmetics counter in Macy’s when the shooting started. Immediately she dropped to the floor and began praying. Allan Fonseca, a mall employeel, took Jocelyn’s hand and led her through the mall’s exit doors to safety. Then he returned inside the mall to see who else he could help. Fonseca said, “All I know is that, I knew the exits to the doors…So, I decided to go back up because I wanted to check to see if there was anybody in panic or didn’t know where to go.”


Allan Fonseca and Jocelyn Lay

Lay said she wasn’t sure what she would have done without Fonseca. “I would have huddled there and hoped and prayed,” she said. Lay called Fonseca a hero.

Was it a coincidence that Fonseca happened to be at the right place and time to help people? Was it a coincidence that he mustered the courage to help them?

The older I get, the less I believe in circumstances, and the more I believe in divine intervention.

The shooting was a terrible tragedy and our hearts ache for the families of the victims. But God was there in the midst of chaos.

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