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Understanding the Bible Made Practical: Book Review

understanding the Bible

Understanding the Bible Made Practical, by The Understanding the Bible made Practical Author Team,  is a useful guide to reading Scripture. The authors are careful not to interject their own biases; rather, they take an objective stance in biblical interpretation. The focus is on how to read the Bible by providing readers with practical tools, thus allowing them to draw their own conclusions.  

For example, the authors summarize and explain literary characteristics in the Old Testament such as narration, plot, motif, dialog, points of view, scenic depiction and characterization. They also discuss basic principles of exegesis, such as genre, themes, meta-narrative, and synthesis. Suggested steps are also offered as a way to apply Scripture to our lives.

Appendices in the back of the book provide further helpful information, including sections on Ancient Near Eastern Origin Myths and Symbolic Numbers in the Bible.

I would recommend Understanding the Bible Made Practical to any student or teacher of the Bible desiring to have a better grasp of Scripture.

Understanding the Bible Made Practical can be purchased at

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