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What is Your Ministry Focus? – Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel presented a thought-provoking and challenging sermon at the Exponential Conference this year. Groeschel, pastor of, says he has learned some things along the way in ministry.


Using a three-tiered diagram describing ministry focus, Groeschel described the bottom tier as putting the emphasis on ourselves. In this approach, the danger is thinking that we are good while everyone else is the enemy. We tend to blame ourselves when attendance declines, but then take credit when there is an increase.  We study the Bible to preach and teach while neglecting our own spiritual devotion. This can turn us into a full-time pastor who is a part-time follower. Groeschel said, “It’s the things that no one sees that results in what everyone wants.”

The second tier focuses on making a difference. While this may sound noble at first glance, the danger is becoming more concerned with what others think of us than what God thinks of us. An example of this focus is preparing sermons designed to build attendance rather than build people. Our enemies become other ministers and churches. Groeschel asked the question, “Am I going to do what people want or what God wants?”

The third tier is where we should strive to be. The goal is to make history. God gets the credit and the enemy is Satan. Groeschel said we cannot please everyone but we can please God. The key to making history is to place God above ourselves and others.

Where is your focus?

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