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Coffee Company Supports Foreign Farmers

Last week I had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company. This company provides jobs for thousands of farmers and their families in Rwanda, Haiti and Thailand. Additionally, those jobs pay the farmers 40% more than they would typically receive through Fair Trade.

After the devastating genocide in Rwanda, coffee has played a huge part in the unification and restoration of the country. Some of the people who lost family members in the genocide are now working side-by-side with those who murdered them. Their slogan is “Forgiveness Wins”, which emphasizes the reconciling power of God’s love.


And the taste? Spectacular! I tried several brands of Rwandan coffee, and it is the best coffee I have ever tasted. No bitterness and very smooth. And this is from a Northwestern coffee snob.

As you can see, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company is about more than selling coffee. It is a ministry that reconciles people and provides financial security to thousands.

My family has decided to partner with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company. We are going on mission with them by purchasing coffee. Churches can also partner with this company in many ways. Check out their website for ways to support this ministry.


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