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Scenarios for Church Revitalization: Refocus and Re-Energize

Lane Corley

When a church is stagnant or declining in size, diagnosis is that refocusing and re-energizing is needed. How do we refocus & re-energize? Three steps to revitalization: Assessment, Alignment, Advancement. A Church Needs … If It Is...


  • Discover needs of community and potential new ministries.
  • Assess Leadership capability and needs.
  • Identify Church Systems in need of restoration. Nelson Searcy of Church Leader Insights identifies Eight Systems of a Healthy Church:
  1. The Weekend Service System,
  2. The Outreach/Evangelism System,
  3. The Assimilation System,
  4. The Small Groups System,
  5. The Ministry Mobilization System,
  6. The Stewardship System,
  7. The Leadership Development System,
  8. The Strategy Planning System
  • Research legal documents and history. History and legal documents need to be researched in order to identify potential threats to growth.


  • Recover Faith Factors. In Chapter Three of the book Comeback Churches, Ed Stetzer identifies three faith factors that are essential to church revitalization: 1) A renewed belief in Jesus Christ and…

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