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Global Decline of Religiosity

A recent article in The Washington Post showed a world map illustrating the percentage of atheists in the world. The map was based on a WIN-Gallup study of 50,000 people in 40 countries.


Globally, atheists comprise 13 percent of the world population. The highest percentage of atheists is in China, with 47 percent, followed by Japan, with 31 percent, The Czech Republic, with 29 percent, and France, with 29 percent. Less than 1 percent of the population in Iraq and Afghanistan are atheist, and 9 of 10 people are religious in Ghana, Nigeria, Armenia, and Fiji.

Within the past seven years, atheism has increased 3 percent globally. The country with the highest decline in religiosity over the past seven years is Vietnam, with a 23 percent drop, and Ireland, with a 22 percent drop. The complete chart is below.


As the chart indicates, the United States and Canada have dropped 13 and 12 percent, respectively. There is a tremendous need for evangelism and missions in our own backyard.

What other observations can you draw from this study?

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  1. interesting, but a good note is that atheism is a religion too, it is the belief that there is no god outside of man’s five senses, that god is just a fabrciated tool used by the elites but they have no proof God or spirits do not exist, so thsu they are acting on their own faith that spirits do not exist.while I have been accused, indirectly, of belief based on credulity with no proof God exists they are doing the exact thing, religion is simply the part of everyone that asks who what why how, of our existance and our make up, what makes us tick what we believe is truth verses lies. how did we get here, is this life all there is, why does man grow old and die (when a tree can live thousands of years even some turtles live way longerthan man)does life have a purpose other than get what you can out of it then die hoping to leave some progeny behind? what determines your moral values, who decides what is right and wrong in morality? why can’t we all get along and not kill one another? why does wickedness and suffere abound? see atheists have to face these questions like everyone else, if they have any interest in finding out, so if they believe man evolved and no god was involved then their religion is athesim. otherwise God did it, if not accident did it, I don’t see a thrid direction, do you?

    May 30, 2013
    • Nicely put, Roberta! Thanks for the feedback.

      May 30, 2013

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