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Religious Views of LGBT Americans

A new study of LGBT Americans by the Pew Research Center revealed that LBGT adults are less religious than the public as a whole. As the chart below indicates, about half (48%) of LGBT do not claim any religious affiliation, compared with 20 percent of the general public.


Concerning the importance of religion, LGBT adults differ greatly than the general population. 55 percent of LGBT adults say that religion is not too important or not important at all in their lives. In contrast, 59 percent of the general public say that religion is very important in their lives.


When asked if there was a conflict between their religious beliefs and their sexual orientation, 73 percent of all LGBT adults see a conflict, whereas 73 percent do not see a conflict. Religious affiliation does not seem to make much difference between these views. 66 percent of LGBT adults who have a religious affiliation see no conflict between their religious beliefs and their orientation.


Concerning worship service, LGBT adults attend less frequently than adults in the general public. This holds true for the religiously affiliated. 45 percent of the religiously affiliated general public attends services at least weekly. This percentage goes down to 20 percent for LGBT adults.


LGBT adults perceive differences in religious institutions when it comes to friendliness. 44 percent of Jews are perceived as being unfriendly toward LGBT adults. Unfriendliness increases to 73 percent in evangelical churches, 79 percent of the Catholic church, 83 percent of the Mormon church, and 84 percent of those in the Muslim religion. Jews and non-evangelistic Protestant churches are perceived to be friendliest toward LGBT adults with 10 percent each.


What do you see as the central issue in this study?

What can we learn from these data?

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