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Americans Tweet More About Church Than Beer


A recent study of 10 million geotagged tweets conducted by revealed that Americans tweet more about church than beer. The word “church” was mentioned 17,686 times while “beer” was mentioned 14,405 times.

Tweeting about church was most common in the Southeast United States and tweeting about beer was most dominant in the Northeast. San Francisco had the largest proportion of “beer” tweets compared to tweets about church (191 and 46, respectively) and Dallas had the most tweets about church in relation to beer (178 and 83, respectively).

Do these data represent where the church is strongest or weakest? Interestingly, the data correspond to another study which compared mentions of the word “church” in Google. The study revealed that the “virtual Bible belt” is mostly comprised of the South and Midwest, while the Northeast and West have very few mentions of “church”.


What evangelism opportunities does this give you for your geographic location?

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