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5 Leadership Styles (with assessment)


Psych Tests recently revealed the results of their Leadership Style Test. A sample of 7,170 leaders took the test and the results were compared to the leaders’ most recent performance ratings. The results identified five distinct types of leaders.


Eclectic Leaders comprised 32 percent of excellent leaders. The Eclectic Leaders is one that uses diverse leadership styles. An eclectic leader uses situational leadership, which means that he varies his style according to the situation and the person he is leading.


Sports Coaches comprise 28 percent of excellent leaders. A Sports Coach sets goals and inspires others, gives credit to whom it is due and compensates hard work, and empowers their staff to become self-sufficient, confident and independent.

Limitations of Sports Coaches are:

  • Difficulty delegating responsibilities.
  • Keeping too great a distance between themselves and their followers.
  • Short-temper.
  • Lack of long-term vision.


Drivers/Directors comprise 22 percent of excellent leaders. A Driver/Director is goal oriented and has a long-term vision, she is willing to work hard, she is determined, and she has a firm, no-nonsense leadership style.

Limitations of Drivers/Directors are:

  • They tend to be to-the-point and dictatorial.
  • Difficulty in delegating responsibilities.
  • Lack of skill in developing a staff. Better with experienced staff.

4.      MENTORS

Mentors comprise 17 percent of excellent leaders. A Mentor spends a great deal of time trying to bring out the best in his followers, he will not give up on people, and he delegates tasks with the goal of empowerment.

Limitations of Mentors are:

  • Prefer to work with people one-on-one. Not as comfortable with groups.
  • Not very outgoing.
  • Stunted long-term vision. Prefer working day-to-day.


A Country Clubber comprised only 1 percent of excellent leaders. A Country Clubber is one who focuses on the big picture, is dynamic, and has the ability to draw in customers.

Limitations of Country Clubbers are:

  • Lack of involvement with their staff.
  • Preference to let someone else nurture and motivate staff.
  • Prefer to delegate nitty-gritty tasks to others.

Poor leaders tend to focus on either being more performance-based (Sports Coach) or people-based (Mentor style).

The test can be found at Psych Tests.

Which leadership style best describes you? If it is not the style you want, what can you do to change it?

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  1. I think I am Sports coach type of leader, with hint of eclectic.

    July 6, 2013

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