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10 Lessons Learned in Urban Church Planting

Repost from Arc Churches.

What can you learn from an Aussie, an American, four kids, and a “church planting church” in New York City?

Urban streets

When Pastors Paul and Andi Andrew made the decision to move with their kids from Sydney to New York City to plant Liberty Church they only knew two people in the city. That was 2010, and just a few short years later what started as a dream has flourished into a dynamic, growing community that is making a difference in NYC and beyond. Here are ten lessons learned in urban church planting while starting Liberty Church in New York City.

10 Lessons

  1. Churn. Although people tell you to expect turnover as a church plant, we discovered in New York City that it was multiplied since millions of people move to the city just for a season of their lives. It was our biggest surprise, and as many as 30% of our core members left last year not because they didn’t love Liberty Church but because they were moving to another city.
  2. Pace and Margin. Demands in city life are high. People have less margin in almost every area of life (including time, finances & even emotions). In order to cope they can be more ritualistic.  It is common to have your “place” like a favorite coffee house or even a specific seat in that cafe. This fast pace makes “commitment” look different too. I tried to start an internship program that failed because there just wasn’t enough margin to serve two days a week, something that many can afford to do in suburbia.  On a personal level, I suggest leaders plan to have quality time if not always quantity.

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