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Sifted: Christian Book Review


Sifted, by Wayne Cordeiro, Francis Chan and Larry Osborne, was written to help ministers work through the struggles of leadership. Drawing from loads of personal experience—both successes and failures—the authors guide and encourage readers to be more fruitful in ministry and in their own spiritual growth.

The authors begin by explaining that trials will occur for everyone. “The only unknown is when.” God knows what he is doing all the time and we need to accept his leading. “The key is that we learn not to fight against the sifting.”

The authors address an issue that many ministers face: trying to make people happy. Instead of trying to solve problems or “fix” people, ministers should point people to Jesus. “The real work of a pastor is to help people come to grips with God’s goodness, even though we often do not understand his ways.”

The character of a minister is also addressed. We must use the gifts God has given us for his glory, instead of for our own selfish pursuits. They ask, “God has gifted you; how are you stewarding this gift?”

Sifting is a life-long process. But it also happens in seasons. The authors suggest five disciplines that will help ministers “survive and thrive through the sifting season.”

  1. Commit to constant learning.
  2. Study the best.
  3. Always be coachable.
  4. Commit to reflection.
  5. Take joy in progress.

Each chapter in the book has workbook style questions to answer and mull over to guide ministers in their sifting. I highly recommend this book to anyone in ministry who is sincere about improving themselves and their effectiveness.

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