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World’s Largest Churches

Warren Bird of Leadnet keeps a database of the largest churches in the world. Yoido Full Gospel Church, in Seoul, is the largest church in the world with 480,000 in weekly attendance.

Yoido Full Gospel Church

Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea

There are 12 churches outside of the US that have a weekly attendance of 50,000 or more. God is definitely moving across the globe!


In the US, 1546 churches fit the description of megachurch (weekly attendance of 2,000 or more). The top 10 are below.


Ten Characteristics of US megachurches:
1.    The leader is critical. 79% of churches had the most growth during the tenure of the current senior pastor.
2.    Most are non-denominational (40%).
3.    Predominantly in the South. (49%).
4.    Half are multisite.
5.    Growth averages 8 percent a year.
6.    Worship times are not limited to Sunday. 48% have Saturday evening services.
7.    Small groups are heavily utilized.
8.    Most (70%) attendees are under age 50.
9.    Most (70%) are part of a denomination.
10. Staffing costs comprise 48% of the budget.  

You can download the searchable database of largest churches outside the US here (choose File, Download as).
To search the database of largest churches in the US and Canada, go here.

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