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Dominant Christian Groups by U.S. Counties

I came across this map through the Business Insider.
religious groups

Generally, Christian denominations tend to cluster in geographic areas. Other observations:

1. Catholics dominate the most counties in the U.S., but the Southern Baptists run a close second.

2. The “Bible Belt”, the Southern region of the United States that has a high percentage of religious people, is dominated by Southern Baptists.

3. The Latter-Day Saints dominate where one might expect–in Utah and the surrounding states–Idaho, Wyoming, Western Colorado, and Arizona.

4. The Evangelical Lutheran Church is centered in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Montana.

5. The United Methodist Church is strongest in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, West Virginia and Ohio.

6. The states which appear to be the most religiously diverse are Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, and West Virgina.

What other observations can you make from this map?

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  1. It would have been interesting to see how this map looked 25 and 50 years ago. Living in Idaho, I can attest to the LDS influence — and I believe its spreading.

    December 16, 2013

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