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China Poised to be Largest Christian Country


China is poised to become the largest Christian country in the world by 2025, according to research by Fenggang Yang, professor at Purdue University.

In 2010, the Pew Forum ranked China as the country with the seventh largest number of Christians, behind the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, The Philippines, and Nigeria. However, Christianity in China has been growing exponentially.


If current rates are an indication, Christianity in China will rise to 247 million by 2030. Conceivably, the number of Christians in the United States will decline by that time, or at least not grow as fast as in China. The American Religious Identification Survey (2009) revealed that the percentage of people in the United States that identify themselves as Christians fell from 86 to 76 since 1990.

The bottom line is that the harvest is plenty in both China and the United States. What will you do about it?


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