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10 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Church … That Probably Shouldn’t

Found this and thought it was too good not to share…Happy Wednesday!

10. Loud Music

The book of Revelation is pretty clear—there will be LOUD worship in heaven. Of course, we understand there’s probably a difference between the church youth band rocking out and the voices of angels, but still.

9. People Using iPads Instead of “Real” Bibles

We get it, who’s gonna make sure they’re not checking Facebook during the sermon? Although, to be real for a second—God’s Word is God’s Word, whether it’s read on an iPad or in a 4-inch thick King Jimmie Bible.

8. Coffee in the Sanctuary

Let’s be clear: having a cup of joe in the sanctuary doesn’t defile anything or anyone—we’re not in the Temple era anymore, right? Jesus lives in us—not on stage in our churches. Although, we do understand it can be messy 🙂

7. Youth Group Attire

OK, this one probably has some credibility. Although, if we’re calling out high school students for the way they dress, we should probably do the same for mom jeans. Just an idea.

6. Long Sermons

We shouldn’t complain, really. I mean, the Apostle Paul preached so long people were falling out of windows. Plus, it’s kind of what we’re there for (OK, that and worship and community and serving…)

See the top five at Faithit

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