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Five Keys to Preaching With Impact

The Rocket Company recommends 5 keys to having an impact on your audience, based on their research. Good ones to keep in mind!

1. Get their attention.

In speech communication, the first few minutes of a speech is known as the “attention step.” We need to grab our listener’s ears from the beginning or they will tune us out.


2. Make the topic relevant.

People want to hear topics that are relevant to their lives. According to The Rocket Company’s research, they don’t want to hear sermons about money, politics or hell.


3. If they don’t like you, they won’t listen to you.

Most people do not view the preacher as someone they would like to hang out with. The more people like a speaker, the more they will trust him/her and listen to him/her.

hang out

4. Keep your sermons short and simple.

There is no need to go into all the nuances of a topic. Most people will not even remember the topic of a sermon after a few days. TED, the popular speaking network, gives 18 minutes as the maximum time for a speech.

how long

5. Action is better than theory. 

Most people require practical application, instead of mere teaching. One way to make a speech practical is to call for action on the part of the listener.



Which one speaks to you the most?


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