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Parenting Children With Special Needs (free podcast)


Parenting children is tough, but parenting children with special needs is quite another ballgame. In fact, some studies reveal that marriages involving a special needs child have a 80-90% divorce rate.*

As a parent of a child with special needs, I was interviewed by Chuck Hagele, executive director of Project Patch. Project Patch is an organization dedicated to serving families and troubled youth.

The podcast is below.


Please see Project Patch’s podcast page for tips and resources for parenting children with special needs.

I also train and coach families at the Northwest Marriage Institute. We offer free seminars around the Vancouver, Washington area. Please see our website for upcoming dates.


*Griffin, K.L. (2000, February 28). Parental break time. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, p. 1G.

Painter, K., & Copeland, L. (1998, December 22). Eight babies fight for
Developmental Disabilities Bulletin, 2004, Vol. 32, No. 1 life and reignite ethics debate, USA Today, p. 01A.


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