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How Much Does it Cost Your Church to Reach One Person for Christ?

This article struck a chord with me. Thanks, Lane!

Lane Corley

Got an interesting question that has me working the calculator this morning. How much money does it take to reach a person for Christ in the average SBC Church? So many factors could be thrown in to the equation here, but just some quick figuring in a few major population areas in Louisiana.

  • A sample of 66 churches in one city spent $40,845,337 in 2013.
  • The same 66 churches reported 503 baptisms in 2013.
  • So it took this group of 66 churches $81,203 to baptize one person.
  • Looking at the new churches in this group of 66, the total spent per baptism went down to $21,276.
  • I’m guessing, it will go up for the age of the church, but more study will be needed.

How much does it cost your church to baptize one new convert? is this a good question to gauge our effectiveness? What do these figures tell us about…

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