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November 2011

The Kindle Edition of Living Dangerously is now available! (And less expensive than the print edition.)

Living Dangerously reveals the results of a nationwide survey on the conversion process. Some of the results are surprising. Based on the findings, a process for making disciples is introduced and explained.

For the best online price, go here. Or, you can contact me to send you an autographed copy.

You can read some reviews of the book below or on Amazon here.

What others are saying

“In a time and culture where Jesus’ Great Commission has become for many churches and individual Christians “the Great Omission” (Dallas Willard), Living Dangerously is a fresh call back to radical gospel witness.

The Gospel, Paul reminds us, is powerful to heal, transform and save (Romans 1:16-17).  But for that Gospel to have a chance to do its saving work, it must have witnesses:  courageous women and men, intentional in their discipleship, who choose to “live dangerously” for Jesus’ sake.

With the support of good research methodology, vivid illustrations from his life on the Alaskan frontier, and anecdotal examples from his own discipling ministry, Shawn Anderson carefully lays out solid, practical Biblical principles for leading others to Christ.

Rather than offer neat, pre-packaged techniques for successful discipling, Shawn instead delves deep into how God shapes the heart and spirit of the authentic discipler (here defined as one who mentors and equips those who would follow Jesus).  The Model, clearly and consistently underscored throughout this study, is the one he identifies as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”—the audacious Savior, the true Witness, who calls all believers to live audacious lives of love, faithfulness and spiritual passion.”

Ken R. Durham, Ph.D.
Batsell Barrett Baxter Chair of Preaching
Lipscomb University

“In our time, when tolerance and diversity are public watchwords and the very concept of evangelism is viewed as an act of aggressive coercion, Shawn Anderson helps us understand the process of conversion and how we believers can faithfully, with integrity, speak to others of the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. Shawn clearly and sensitively describes a relationship-oriented approach of sharing the gospel that honors both the life and message of Jesus and our friends and neighbors who struggle with faith. And the most convincing piece, Shawn accomplishes his task through original research of people who became Jesus followers as adults. I recommend Living Dangerously as a must read book by anyone whose heart beats with God’s heart to see every person receive God’s gracious gift of life. This is a book I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Dr. Stan Granberg
Executive director, Kairos Church Planting

“I am always encouraged when I read material that challenges modern Christians to rethink their view of evangelism.  This book does that, even though the title probably wouldn’t suggest it to most people.  Shawn Anderson tackles several issues very close to my own heart (and the core of Doable Evangelism) and, thankfully, reminds us all that the Great Commission isn’t about simply making converts, but making DISCIPLES…a process that begins well before someone is converted (and continues well afterward). Armed with loads of his own research and statistical analysis, “Living Dangerously” paints a current picture of how people tend to come to faith in America.  It also gives the ordinary, discouraged Christian considerable hope, and help in how to live more like Jesus and be part of his dangerous call to go and make disciples.”

Randy Siever
Executive Director
Doable Evangelism

“Living Dangerously is a thought-provoking book that explores the nature of true discipleship, Discipleship is the process of drawing close to Jesus, and then leading others to do the same. But it is done, not with salesmanship or manipulative techniques, but by genuinely demonstrating certain influential characteristics. Traits like love, faithfulness, authenticity enable a Christian to positively influence others. The whole process is “dangerous,” in that it involves a person’s transparency, vulnerability, and intention. In this entertaining and instructive manual, Dr. Shawn Anderson refers to his clear and personal research, his knowledge of scripture, and his own lifetime experiences growing up as a youth in Alaska. It is more practical than theoretical. It will serve as a virtual manual to Christians who are serious enough about their own faith to want to share it with others.”

Dr. Silas Shotwell
National Church Growth Research Center

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  1. Great comments! And this approach works. My father did these things while preaching for churches of Christ in Tennessee and West Virginia from the 1960’s to the early 2000’s. From befriending people he met at Little League baseball games and high school football games to other members of the Kiwanis club, he learned peoples’ hurts and helped them find answers. Hardly a new approach, but your insights are right on target.

    March 31, 2014
    • Thanks, Michael! I agree. We don’t need to reinvent something that Jesus instituted 2000 years ago, do we? 🙂

      March 31, 2014

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